Tim Peake spacewalk: Wiltshire astronaut aids repairs on International Space Station

British astronaut Tim Peake is has become the first Briton to walk in space. The astronaut from Wiltshire completed his first space walk when he ventured out of the International Space Station (ISS) to help repair a broken power unit.

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Tim Peake historic spacewalk ends early

Major Tim Peake has become the first British astronaut to walk in space. Credit: NASA

Nasa has ended the spacewalk involving UK astronaut Tim Peake after his US colleague reported water in his helmet.

Tim Kopra reported a "small amount" of water, but the flight director took the precaution of ending the event early. Nasa confirm that there was never any danger, just precaution was taken.

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The spacewalk officially ended at 17:31 GMT. Tim Peake and Tim Kopra are now both safely back inside the airlock.


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