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Lost teddy's owner tracked down

The bear belongs to Robert Baker, who lives in Cyprus. Credit: ITV News West Country

The owner of a century-old teddy bear found abandoned at Bristol Airport two years ago has finally been tracked down.

The battered toy was left at the terminal along with a photo of two children.

He belongs to Robert Baker, who lives in Cyprus. Mr Baker came forward after being sent a newspaper cutting featuring the story.


Teddy found at Bristol Airport traced to South Wales

The century-old teddy was left behind in the departure lounge at Bristol Airport Credit: ITV News West Country

A teddy that was abandoned at Bristol Airport in February last year was once owned by a family from Abergavenny in South Wales.

The discovery attracted a lot of interest all around the world, with historians and toy makers all coming forward with help.

The airport says the bear - which was in a carrier bag with a photo of two children dated 1918 - belonged to Dora and Glyn Baker from Abergavenny but they haven't been able to find any living relatives.

Staff had called the bear Glyn but, since the discovery, have now renamed it "Bristol Bear".

Do you recognise this teddy?

This rather elderly teddy bear was found in the departure lounge at Bristol Airport and staff are anxious to reunite him with his owner.

It's thought the teddy is more than a hundred years old. He's made by Farnell, the company that also made the original Winnie the Pooh Credit: Bristol Airport
The teddy was found in a bag with this rather charming photograph Credit: Bristol Airport
On the back of the photo are a few more clues. The airport's named the teddy Glyn after the person who's signed this Credit: Bristol Airport
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Century-old teddy found at Bristol Airport

Lost property at Bristol Airport isn't that unusual but staff have found a rather special item in the departure lounge.

It's a teddy bear - thought to be more than 100 years old. He was found with a photo of him and two little girls dated 1918.

Now staff want to reunite Glyn - as they've called him - with his rightful owners.