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GMB’s Alex Beresford splits shirt after dare from fellow presenter

Alex Beresford has gone to unbelievable lengths to prove a point in the West Country newsroom.

After Kylie Pentelow dared him to try and touch his toes, Alex decided to have a go despite insisting his shirt couldn't take the strain...

Kylie says she had no idea her challenge would cost Alex a shirt.

We were talking about yoga and I suggested Alex try touching his toes. He said it was his shirt holding him back! I started filming but couldn't believe it when i heard it rip!

– Kylie Pentelow

Weather presenter Alex was left hoping there isn't a breeze outside.

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Alex is well known for accepting challenges.

He starred in ITV's Dancing On Ice earlier this year, narrowly missing out on the final.

Alex has also taking part in many unusual activities whilst presenting for ITV, including being shaved live on air and flying across a zipwire.


UK's largest indoor ice rink opens in Weston while ITV West Country presenter stars in Dancing on Ice

It's an icy day at the ITV West Country studios, as it has been announced that Weather Presenter, Alex Beresford, will be one of the contestants on ITV's Dancing on Ice show.

While in the studio, he received some advice from former winner Ray Quinn, who was at the Tropicana ice skating rink in Weston-super-Mare, which is the largest indoor ice rink in the country.

  • Watch Alex Beresford receive advice from Ray Quinn below:

The ice rink is open from today, 3 November until Sunday, 7 January. Dancing on Ice will air on ITV next year 2018.

Turns out Alex Beresford is a bit of a daredevil...

Our weather presenter Alex was flying high this morning as he took to the skies on Good Morning Britain.

Alex was sent out to ride the world's fastest city zipwire, based in the heart of London.

Zip World London is 35 metres/100 feet off the ground, that's more than 9 double decker buses.

The wire gives you unique views of the capital and it certainly seemed as if Alex enjoyed his early morning flight.


Alex Beresford appears on The Chase (sort of)

Alex Beresford Credit: ITV News

We think we have proof our weatherman Alex Beresford has made the big time.

He appeared on ITV's the Chase - not as a contestant but as one of the questions asked by Bradley Walsh.

You can see for yourself here: