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Artist promotes 'creativity despite disability' in Bristol

Vanessa learnt to paint holding the brush in her mouth as part of her rehabilitation following a spinal injury

A tour promoting disabled artists' work has come to Bristol.

Local artist Vanessa Haarhoff has brought the 'Art for Everyone: Creativity Despite Disability' to the View Gallery in Bristol today.

Four of the UK’s leading art institutions have joined forces with the Mouth and Foot Painting Artist to launch a week-long event series showcasing the exceptional talents of disabled artists across the country. The initiative has received the support of Culture Minister Ed Vaizey.

Local artist Vanessa Haarhoff at Bristol's View Art Gallery

To be involved with this first of its kind road show is a real privilege. I am so pleased to be invited down to the View Art Gallery in Bristol to share our unique talent, and to create a masterpiece of my own. I look forward to the visitors seeing that disability need not stand in the way of being creative.

– Vanessa Haarhoff, disabled artist

Project to show where floods could hit Bristol nears completion

The chalk line around Bristol is heralded as the largest art work ever commissioned in the UK Credit: ITV News

A chalk line - heralded as the largest art work ever commissioned in the UK - has been drawn around Bristol's streets to raise awareness of what could happen if global warming goes unchecked.

The High Water Line project is designed to show which parts of the city are at risk of disappearing under water if sea levels rise.

Over the last fortnight, hundreds of residents have taken to the streets to create the 32-mile line.

One of the participants, Anna Wilson, says the inspiration for the artwork came from an artist called Eve Mosher. "She drew the line in New York in 2007 and the line was wiped out by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. She then felt that she wanted to spread the project to other flood-risk cities across the world, so they did Miami and now we're doing Bristol "


White line shows where flooding could reach in Bristol

People living on the Cumberland Basin in Bristol are creating the largest ever artwork commissioned in the UK. A white line 32 miles long is being painted to mark where flood waters could reach without sufficient defences. The group behind it hope it'll make people better prepared.

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