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Avonmouth residents call for air quality tests

One Avonmouth family were forced to eat under a mosquito net.

Residents in Avonmouth have launched a petition calling for regular tests on air quality round their homes.

It follows complaints of dust and flies coming from industries in the neighbouring port of Bristol.

The city council has agreed to three months' testing of pollution levels.


Protest after homes infested with flies in Avonmouth

Protest after homes infested with flies in Avonmouth Credit: ITV News West Country

A protest has been held by people in Avonmouth whose homes have been infested with flies for the last two months.

Swarms of the insects, which came from infested bales of biofuel at Avonmouth docks, have been buzzing round the town on a daily basis.

Campaigners say they want to meet with Mayor George Ferguson to see what can be done about the situation.

Business ordered to pay £200K after staff member dies

A cash and carry business has been ordered to pay almost £200,000 after a member of staff died at their Avonmouth store.

Branch assistant Annie Brennan was fatally injured by a fork lift truck in December 2011. Booker Ltd were found guilty of a health and safety offence at Bristol Crown Court after an investigation found staff had not been given the correct training and company risk assessments were inadequate.

They were given a fine of £175,000 and ordered to pay and additional £18,455 in prosecution costs.

Avonmouth's fly infestation will be debated in Westminster

They've been plagued with flies for nearly two months, now the plight of people living in Avonmouth will be debated in Parliament.

Swarms of the insects, which came from infested bales of biofuel at Avonmouth docks, have been buzzing round local residents homes on a daily basis. Campaigners are now planning to protest at the weekend. Rebecca Broxton reports

Bristol MP to hold parliamentary debate over flies

Bristol MP Charlotte Leslie will hold a parliamentary debate on an infestation of flies in Avonmouth.

The waste causing the headache for residents has been removed and the recycling company responsible, Boomeco, has been forced to stop operating by the Environment Agency.

But residents like Georgina Dimambro say the flies are still causing huge problems:


Kitten rides in back of lorry from Wales to Avonmouth

A kitten has arrived in Avonmouth after hitching a lift in the back of a lorry from Wales.

He's been called Eddie and is only a few weeks old. He was found in the chassis of a lorry, wet, hungry and frightened, but otherwise unhurt.

He's now being looked after by staff at the Bristol Dogs and Cats home where he'll be cared for until he's old enough to be re-homed. No one quite knows how he managed to survive the journey.

Julia Carey from the RSPCA is helping to take care of Eddie:

Massive machine stolen from yard in Avonmouth

A 12 tonne compressor like this one has been stolen from a depot in Avonmouth Credit: Avon & Somerset Police

Police are looking for three men who stole a huge 12 tonne scrap compressor from a depot in Avonmouth in Bristol.

It was taken from King Lifting’s Bristol depot in Third Way some time after 8pm last night.

Officers think it was taken for its high scrap value – thought to be more than £6,000.

The suspects, who may have been wearing fluorescent tabards, forced their way in and tried to lift the compressor using a 35 tonne crane, which was damaged in the process and will cost £3,000 to replace.

They then used an 80 tonne crane to lift the machine onto a Scania truck and drove off.

Police would like to hear from anyone who saw what happened or spotted the van in the area.

Abnormal load continues its slow journey to Avonmouth

The third and last transformer is on the last leg of its journey from Didcot Power Station to Avonmouth docks. It is almost 100m long and 5m wide and will take up two lanes of motorways and the entire width of normal roads. It is travelling at an average speed of 4 mph, slower on hills.

  • The load stayed at Tog Hill parking area near Bath overnight
  • This morning it is undergoing safety checks before leaving 8-9 am
  • It will travel to Wick by the A420 (11am) where steel plates will be laid so it can pass over two culverts.
  • It will continue to the A4174. At Bromley Heath roundabout the road will be closed to the M32 junction so the load can travel on the wrong side of the dual carriageway to avoid a weak bridge.
  • At the junction with Bristol Road, the load will return to the correct carriageway and continue onto the M32
  • It will then rejoin the M4 before taking the M5 to Avonmouth.
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