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Ambulance service left note criticising their parking while on call

Credit: South Western Ambulance Service

A disgruntled member of the public left a note on an ambulance criticising them for blocking an entrance.

The note was placed on the windscreen of the emergency vehicle in Bath, telling them they could have moved forward "10 yards".

South Western Ambulance Service tweeted the picture after paramedics attended a "serious incident".

They said they tried their hardest not to block people, but added it was not always possible to park in the most convenient place.

Our crew received this note while attending a serious incident in Bath this week. We try hard not to block people in as we know it can be frustrating. In an emergency every second counts and it's not always possible to park in the most convenient places. Thanks for understanding.

– South Western Ambulance Service

The note received mixed comments on social media with many claiming the writer "should be ashamed".

Other however agreed, saying, "a tiny little bit of thought would have prevented this".



Two arrested after drugs seized in Bath 'cuckooing' incident

Two arrested in suspected 'cuckooing' incident. Credit: PA Images

A man and a teenager have been arrested on suspicion of supplying drugs from the home of a vulnerable male in his 50s living in Morford Street, Bath.

It is thought the pair took over the home of the man and used it as a base for the dealings, in a process known as 'cuckooing'.

On Tuesday the 17th July, police became concerned about the owner of the home, as he is known as a vulnerable adult, and upon forcing entry found a large amount of both heroin and crack cocaine.

Officers also seized a home-made cosh and a machete from the property.

Bath police ask the community to get in touch with any concerns about vulnerable individuals. The arrested pair have been released pending further enquiries.

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