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Atlantic swim: the challenge in numbers

Ben has been training for this for years. Credit: Ben Hooper

A British father is about to attempt to swim across the Atlantic Ocean.

Ben Hooper has taken on quite an amazing challenge - in fact, no one has ever done it before!

Looking at some of these numbers, it might not be so surprising....

The distance

miles Ben will try to swim
hours per day Ben will spend swimming
estimated amount of months Ben will be out in the ocean

The danger

Ben is going to have to face some pretty daunting physical challenges over the next 140 days, from storms to sharks...

Credit: Ben Hooper
speed at which flying fish could hit Ben in the face
height waves could reach in a storm
26 ° C
lowest sea temperature Ben is likely to come across

The daily grind

And just how do you keep going during such a mammoth mission? Ben will need to eat and sleep regularly to keep himself healthy.

calories per day Ben is likely to burn
interval between Ben's "feeds" - food and drink thrown to him in the water

Swimmer sets off on quest to cross Atlantic

A former serviceman from Cheltenham has set off on his quest to become the first person to swim the Atlantic Ocean.

Ben Hooper is leaving for Senegal, which will be the starting point in November for his 2,000 mile challenge.

It should take 140 days, swimming around 10 hours a day, to cross from Africa to Brazil. He's raising money for a number of charities.

You can follow updates of his progress on his blog.

Ben Hooper hopes to make history by swimming the entire length of the Atlantic
Ben has been training for the last two years swimming up to 20 km every day
Ben's swim will see him tackle 30ft high swells and shark infested waters