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Heart attack victim couldn't be treated because paramedics thought he'd been electrocuted

An inquest heard that paramedics were not able to treat a heart attack victim because they wrongly thought he had been electrocuted.

Roger Hayward, who was 71 and from from Calne, died after trying to cut a tree that had fallen and brought down electric cables in February's storms. An inquest today heard he was seen falling to the floor. Paramedics turned up but couldn't treat him for 45 minutes until the power lines were turned off. They then declared him dead at the scene. But an expert witness told the coroner the cables were not active. The coroner said Mr Hayward died from a heart attack.


Inquest shown CCTV of last moments Tom Edwards was seen alive

Mr Edwards had been on a night out at Rudi's bar in Swindon with colleagues from Nationwide.

He left to catch the last 55 bus back home. The inquest heard he jogged to the bus stop as he was running late.

Two policemen in a patrol car saw him fall over as he ran and then pick himself up.

PC Stephen Forest told the coroner: "I shouted 'are you okay?'" He ignored us and kept running.

The car finally caught up with Tom. He told the police he was running late for a bus. The officers gave him a lift to the bus stop.

"There was nothing about him to suggest he was going to come to any harm," said PC Forest.

The inquest was shown CCTV footage showing Mr Edwards running to the bus stop and then later walking through Swindon train station.

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