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Man with leukaemia flies to US for life saving treatment

A man with leukaemia who's wife raised more than £400,000 for life saving treatment is to fly to America today.

Mike and his wife Kate are taking on his cancer battle together. Credit: ITV West Country

Mike Brandon was told by doctors in Bristol they could no longer treat him.

So his wife Kate made an online plea to the world for donationsto pay for pioneering treatment in America.

He was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in 2014.


Woman raises £400,000 to fund potentially life saving treatment for her dying husband

Mike and Kate Brandon are in a race against time Credit: Go Fund Me

Mike Brandon has terminal cancer but his wife Kate is desperately trying to raise the money to access potentially life saving treatment.

He was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in 2014.

33-year-old Kate is in a race against time to get her husband on to a new clinical trial in the US which could potentially cure him of cancer.


Generous ITV viewers raise more than £1000 so cancer patient can marry her carer

The couple say they now have enough to pay for the big day. Credit: ITV News

Yesterday ITV News brought you the story of a young woman with cancer trying to raise enough money to marry her carer before her condition gets worse.

Since then, many people have come forward with generous offers to help the young couple from Wiltshire.

We've fielded offers of a free bridal dress, photoshoot and videographer.

28-year-old Laura Saull has stage four cancer, which has spread to her spine, lungs, ovaries and brain. She and her partner Sam Vickery are keen to get married as soon as possible - and are relying on crowdfunding to help them.

Thanks to your generosity, the total has risen by more than a thousand pounds overnight, and the couple say they now have enough to pay for the big day.

The total raised so far (17 February) Credit: Crowdfunding website

The couple have expressed their gratitude to donators.

We're so grateful for how much has been given. It really will allow us to have the magical day we wanted.

– Laura Saull


'It's eye-catching certainly!' The man whose prostate cancer photo is going viral

Kurt Jewson, who describes himself as a "tubby, pale and middle aged" man, was a little nervous about sharing this photo with family and friends - he could never have known just how strong a reaction it would have:

The picture has now been seen by more than 200,000 people Credit: Kurt Jewson/ Facebook

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and thought the picture, which shows him scarred from surgery and wearing a catheter and colostemy bag, would help raise awareness.

With bravery and a great sense of humour, he shared his photo in the hope that more people might spend five minutes on the Prostate Cancer website - a move he says "could save your life".

Family have been really supportive, though my wife said 'Why didn't you tidy the room?'

– Kurt Jewson

Today he joined us remotely to chat about the photo, his experience fighting the disease, and the incredible reaction his bravery has provoked:

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