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Derelict pub turned into cannabis factory

The loft of the pub was full of harvested cannabis being dried Credit: West Swindon Neighbourhood Policing Team

Police in Swindon have discovered a cannabis factory inside the Old Meerkat Pub, Beatrice Street, Swindon.

The derelict pub contained 143 mature cannabis plants.

An Albanian man was found inside the property and has been charged with production of a Class B Drug as well as entering the country illegally. He has been remanded in custody.

The building has been cleared of all the cannabis plants and growing equipment and the property has been handed back over to the landlord.

Some of the hundreds of cannabis plants found at the site Credit: West Swindon Neighbourhood Policing Team

Cannabis factory found in Bath

Cannabis factory found in Twerton Credit: Avon and Somerset police

Cannabis plants worth around £100,000 have been seized at a house in Twerton, Bath.

Police searched the house after a tip off from a member of the public.

Two bedrooms were converted into growing rooms and the attic into a nursery, with lights, heaters and fans.

The house’s electricity supply had been bypassed.

Bath officers found more than 230 plants and man was arrested.

In the space of less than a month we have taken nearly half a million pounds’ worth of cannabis off the streets.

This is not a back-street dealer peddling in a few pounds of cannabis.

This is serious, organised crime and I’m very eager for members of the public to report any of their suspicions to me.

– PC Adrian Secker, Twerton beat manager