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Businesses leaving Clifton due to new parking scheme

Residents parking in Clifton Credit: ITV Westcountry

A survey has revealed nearly 85% of business owners are against Bristol's latest residents' parking zone which comes into effect on Monday.

Around a third of respondents also said the Clifton Village scheme has already led them to quit the area or was likely to.

Spencer Buck, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Taxi Studio, will be moving his 30 employees out of Clifton before the summer.

But Mayor George Ferguson, who is responsible for implementing the schemes across Bristol, today insisted feedback from other areas has been positive.

It damages us enormously. I'm deeply worried about the future of Clifton Village.

It's a micro-economy and it operates on a delicate basis. The scheme isn't right and I fear for the success of the business owners.

I think the area will degenerate. If people can't come in and park they will go elsewhere.

– Spencer Buck, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Taxi Studio

I acknowledge that change is challenging but recognise that the schemes require some people to change their travelling habits and will never be the perfect solution for everyone.

– George Ferguson, Bristol Mayor

The issue is set for a stormy debate at Bristol City Council next Tuesday when campaigners will challenge the legality of the entire idea.

Car-parking charges cut in South Hams town

Car parking charges in the South Hams town of Modbury have been cut by the District Council as part of a pilot study to promote trade after the town lost key business during the recession.

The price of one hour’s parking has been cut by 20p from 70p down to 50p and half an hour’s parking by 10p from 30p to 20p.

It is hoped the new short stay parking tariffs will reinvigorate the town and have a beneficial effect on the local economy.

The car-parking motion was passed despite the fact that executive members were told the Council risked a drop in car park income of just under £2,000 with the revision of charges.

The Council’s Executive Member with responsibility for parking, Rufus Gilbert, said after the unanimous vote: “I am delighted to have been able to sponsor this. It is a long time coming. With this pilot project, the council is breaking away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach to car parking.

If it is successful it may well be that other communities wish to mount their own scheme, provided the income remains the same. This is also a scheme which fits in well with the new move towards localism and I sincerely hope it will help to revive the trade in Modbury.”