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  1. Katie Rowlett

NHS managers in the West say they 'can cope' with demand this winter

NHS managers in the West say they 'can cope' with demand Credit: PA:Lynne Cameron

There are around 40,000 deaths every year because of the cold, mainly in elderly.

It's down to simple things like people not heating their homes to at least 18°C. Just by doing this you can prevent respiratory illnesses but also colds and flu.

But also when we get a cold snap there is an Increase in fractures due to snow and ice, which also puts pressure on our A and E departments and hospital beds.

Normally NHS England South West is given its winter money now, but this year it was provided by the Government in April so health managers have been able to plan earlier.

NHS England South West says this year health and social care services have been joined up so there will not be as many bed blocking situations like we've seen in previous years.


Elderly could be relocated as part of proposed changes

From our Bristol reporter Richard Payne:

I'm at the Council House to hear of planned changes to Bristol's day and residential care for the elderly and vulnerable. One option is to close some council owned buildings which currently cost £2.5m to keep basically maintained, although the council has promised that any closures will mean relocation to other homes. That's been controversial elsewhere in the past. A 17 per cent increase in older people in Bristol is expected in the next decade to 7,735, with an especially big rise in dementia sufferers.

– Richard Payne, Bristol reporter