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Delays on A417 following accident involving two vehicles

Credit: ITV

There are delays on the A417 in Gloucestershire following an accident involving two vehicles, one of which overturned.

The accident happened at Crickley Hill and the road is closed in both directions between A436 / A417 (Air Balloon Roundabout) and A429 Burford Road.

Police say traffic has been diverted whilst they investigate the incident and a fuel spillage is cleared.

They say the road will hopefully re-open in time for the morning rush hour.

The suggested diversion for southbound traffic is to take the solid circle diversion route via the A429, A40 and A436.

Officers say northbound traffic should follow the solid square symbol diversion route, reverse of southbound.


Longleat offers bubble wrapped cars

Longleat offers bubble-wrapped vehicles Credit: Longleat Safari Park

Longleat is to offer visitors to the safari park the option of having their cars bubble-wrapped to protect them from their infamous troop of car-mad monkeys.

The Wiltshire attraction will be offering the special service to motorists before they enter the monkey ‘Drive-Thru’.

It will be available as an additional charged option with drivers pulling in to a designated wrap zone where staff will be on hand to carefully cover their vehicles with protective plastic.

On exiting the Safari Park it will be removed and recycled.

Longleat offers bubble-wrapped vehicles Credit: Longleat Safari Park

The vast majority of our visitors love the experience of driving through our monkey enclosure, and getting the opportunity to enjoy their antics at extremely close quarters.

However some drivers are put off by the prospect of having their car covered in the highly-curious and, occasionally, slightly destructive simians.

The bubble wrap will provide them with extra security and the confidence to brave the drive-thru safe in the knowledge their prized vehicle will remain untouched.

– Paolo Flirs, Longleat’s customer services assistant
Longleat offers bubble-wrapped vehicles Credit: Longleat Safari Park

True or False? Is this an April Fool?

Cars covered in Sahara dust

A coating of Saharan dust on some cars in Devon & Cornwall Credit: ITV News

Drivers across Devon and Cornwall were left slightly confused after finding a thin coating of red dust on their cars.

Thanks to an odd weather pattern, small specks of sand have been picked up from the Sahara desert and made their way north through Europe.

Experts say a sandstorm over Algeria last week saw the sand launched high into the atmosphere.

It mixed with rain clouds and came down in light rain showers leaving cars coated in a thin grime.

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