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Upside down cat rescued from tight spot

In a tight spot - Marv the cat before being rescued Credit: RSPCA

Fire crews had to remove part of a wall to rescue a cat which had become wedged upside down in the gap between his owner's garage and the next door neighbour's in Bristol.

Marv the cat had somehow become firmly wedged upside down in the gap between his owner’s garage and their next door neighbour’s garage in Lydiard Croft, Hanham, Bristol.

It's thought Marv had been stuck for around two hours in Lydiard Croft, Hanham when the neighbour heard his miaows and contacted the RSPCA. Animal welfare officer Simon Coombs tried to free Marv, but he was so tightly wedged in that he couldn’t move him.

Another tight squeeze - this time from Tilly and Bella Veale Credit: RSPCA

Simon contacted Avon Fire & Rescue Service for help and a crew from Yate Fire Station attended. Upon examining the garages, it was clear that they would have to get to Marv through the neighbour’s wall. It took around half an hour for the officers to chisel the breezeblock free which revealed Marv’s tail and back legs.

From there, AWO Coombs was able to reach in and pull Marv backwards out of the space. Luckily the cat wasn’t injured and was returned to his overjoyed family.

“Marv does like to get into things, but this is definitely the smallest space he’s managed to squeeze into. He was a little shaken after his ordeal and stayed inside for a day or two, but he was otherwise unharmed.”

– Brendon Veale, Marv's owner

Cornish hotel cat is stolen

Police want to speak to the person in the hoody about the disappearance of Jerry the cat Credit: Penzance Hotel

A hotel cat from Cornwall - who is so popular he's been written about on Trip Advisor - has been kidnapped.

Jerry, the 13-year-old blue Burman, was taken from Hotel Penzance last week. CCTV shows a man talking to the pet before apparently making off with him.

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