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Hunt for missing Lynx enters Day 2

Staff at Dartmoor Zoo are 'playing the waiting game' this morning (8 July) in anticipation of the safe return of a lynx, that escaped from captivity yesterday.

Credit: Dartmoor Zoo

Flaviu the Lynx hasn't been seen since 6 July. Police drones and thermal imaging has been instated to try and locate the missing animal.

Police advice if you spot the missing lynx

Flaviu the lynx has escaped from his enclosure Credit: Dartmoor Zoo

PC James Timmis from Devon and Cornwall Police warns people not to approach Flaviu the lynx who is missing from Dartmoor Zoo but to dial 999.

The basic advice is, if you do see the animal, please call us on 999. Don't approach it, certainly don't try to corner it. We've got trained people out there, people from the park with tranquilliser guns and they can - if necessary - attend to capture the animal.

– PC James Timmis from Devon and Cornwall Police

Twitter account set up for missing lynx

The lynx appears to have his own Twitter account Credit: Twitter

It seems the young lynx on the run from Dartmoor Zoo is social media savvy. Here are a few posts from a twitter account in the name of @DartmoorLynx


Lynx escapes from Dartmoor Zoo

A lynx is the size of a large cat Credit: PA

A major search is underway after a lynx escaped its enclosure at Dartmoor Zoo.

The animal is thought to have left the grounds. Police have visited two local schools to reassure them and make sure pupils are inside. Officers have also gone house to house in the area.

The police helicopter is assisting in the search.

The animal should not be approached as it could become dangerous if alarmed or cornered.

  • If people sight it they should call 999 immediately quoting log 252 of 7 July 2016

Samson the lion has a new home in Devon for Christmas

Samson has a new home at Dartmoor Zoo Credit: Newquay Zoo

Samson the lion is spending his first Christmas in Devon after being moved from his previous home at Newquay Zoo. The seven year-old male is now staying at Dartmoor Zoological Park near Plymouth.

Samson was moved after failing to get on with a young lioness brought in from Longleat after his previous companion Connie died at the age of 18 in the summer.

His new enclosure is alongside that of Dartmoor Zoological Park’s lioness Josie so the two lions are able to interact through the fencing. If they bond well, the zoo will be able to keep them together in the same enclosure.

Dartmoor Zoo becomes a charity after crowd-funding campaign

A zoo that inspired a Hollywood film has become a charity.

It comes after an online crowd-funding appeal to raise £1.6m for Devon's Dartmoor Zoo closed on Monday after raising nearly £340,000.

The appeal was boosted by an anonymous gift of £300,000 from a mystery donor. Director Ben Mee said the gaining of the new status meant the zoo's future was "as secure as it has ever been".

Benjamin Mee bought the tourist attraction after the death of his wife Katherine in 2006, inspiring the film 'We Bought A Zoo', which starred Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson.

Dartmoor Zoo looks after a wide range of wild and exotic animals from tigers to tortoises Credit: ITV News
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