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People urged to avoid Watern Tor as 2 mile gorse fire is being tackled

The police helicopter is assisting in the fire Credit: NPAS/Twitter

Firefighters are tackling a gorse fire that stretches around 2 miles in Dartmoor. They were called to the Watern Tor area around 1pm.

Dartmoor Rescue Ashburton are urging people to avoid the area while the fire is brought under control. It's not thought to be a danger to local residents at the moment.

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'Shocking' failings at Dartmoor prison put public at risk

HMP Dartmoor. Credit: ITV West Country

A report has found "shocking" failings by Dartmoor prison to protect the public from the risk posed by the men it releases.

Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons found the release of prisoners, a majority of whom were sex offenders, was "unplanned, rushed and poor", while some were released too early.

Out of around 630 prisoners at Dartmoor, 440 were there for sex offences at the time of the inspection in August, making up 70%.

The prison also failed to properly address the behaviours and attitudes of those in denial of their convictions.

Most of those released were also left either homeless or in very temporary accommodation.

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