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Cameron commits to defence workers in Devonport

Prime Minister David Cameron visited Devonport Navy base this afternoon Credit: ITV News

The Prime Minister has promised there won't be any further cuts to our defence budget on a visit to Devonport Navy base this afternoon. This comes at a time when the number of warships in our navy has fallen to a record low.

The number of ships and the numbers of people working at the naval base has been in steady decline for decades. The fleet has shrunk hugely since the end of the Cold War. Twenty years ago there were around fifty major warships, in the surface fleet - including three aircraft carriers. That's now been cut to two, only one of which will operational.

In terms of staffing, the number of people in the Royal Navy has dropped below thirty thousand. That means a lot less work for Babcock, and the civilian dockyard workers where numbers have falled from twelve thousand twenty years ago to fewer than four thousand now.

But today the Prime Minister told ITV News the defence budget won't go below two per cent of GDP, Britain's total earnings.

Cameron won't make tax credit pledge

In an interview with ITV News, David Cameron would not take up the challenge to repeat the words "I won't cut tax credits and child benefit".

The challenge was put to Mr Cameron after Labour said "everyone knows the Tories are planning to cut tax credits and child benefit".

Speaking to ITV News presenter Ian Axton, the Prime Minister wouldn't use those exact words. He said he wants to "keep" child benefit, not cut it, saying it's "absolutely vital" and a "really important part of families finances".

On tax credits he said he would freeze it for 2 years.

David Cameron says he is "praying" for victory

The Prime Minister has said he will be "praying in all sorts of different ways" on the eve of the closest election race in a generation.

On a visit to Bath the Conservative leader opened up to ITV News West Country presenter Ian Axton about his nerves during the last few days of campaigning.

Cameron heckled as he makes final campaign visit to Bath

David Cameron targets Lib Dem seat in Bath Credit: PA

Prime Minister David Cameron was greeted by hecklers as he arrived for a rally in Bath this afternoon for his final visit to the region before the General Election.

It's part of a strategy to target Liberal Democrat seats - but they had their own campaigner in the city - comedian and local resident John Cleese.

Bob Constantine reports:


Cameron surprises family by saying yes to selfie

Cameron takes a selfie with first time voter and his family. Credit: ITV West Country

First time voter Dan Atkins got more than he bargained for when he went to meet the Prime Minister in his home village of Norton-sub-Hamdon.

The 19 year old asked David Cameron for a selfie and was surprised when he said yes.

Cameron: the West Country is critical in the election

David Cameron says voters in the West Country could make the difference in whether the Conservatives or another party form a government after the general election.

He's been outlining his plans for the first 100 days after the election at a rally near Yeovil. He says it's one of 23 key seats he needs to keep his party in power. He's targeting other seats in the region too.

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Cameron: Economy is issue at heart of campaign

David Cameron has said the economy is the issue at the heart of the campaign as he continued on the election trial with a speech in Norton-sub-Hamdon in Somerset.

Mr Cameron set out the Conservatives' programme for government in its first 100 days if it is re-elected to power and said Labour should not be given a second chance with the country's finances.

Cameron: "If you don't save money on welfare, you have to make cuts elsewhere"

In a hard-hitting interview with the Prime Minister, Ian Axton asks where the cuts are going to fall to meet Conservative spending plans. Ian was speaking to David Cameron in the constituency of Camborne and Redruth, where a quarter of a families claim benefits.

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