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Cameron talks jobs, schools and Cornwall stadium

The Prime Minister talks to supporters at a scaffolding yard in Penzance today. Credit: ITV News West Country

The Prime Minister has made an economic pledge to Cornwall today - setting out plans to create 15,000 new jobs, 5,000 new primary school places, and more money for the local NHS and roads.

He also said he would make a sports stadium for Cornwall a priority. The Cornish Pirates rugby club, which supports the Stadium 4 Cornwall campaign and would want to move to a future stadium, reacted positively to the promise.

We welcome the Prime Minister’s comments and now look to local politicians to deliver what the people of Cornwall want and need ... We remain 100% committed to working with the other Stadium Partners on taking our scheme for S4C back to Cornwall’s planning committee in June.

– Ian Connell, Chairman of the Board, Cornish Pirates

'I don't think they'll have any MPs': Cameron on UKIP

The Prime Minister's visit to Cornwall today has included an interview with Ian Axton, which you can see on ITV at 6pm tonight. Here's a short clip of the Conservative leader dismissing UKIP's electoral chances, after Ian grilled him about whether he'd do a deal with them.


Cameron and the West Country issue - jam or cream first?

The Prime Minister had a straight choice this morning on one of the region's biggest issues - and got it wrong.

When trying to recall whether, in Devon, cream goes on the scone before or after the jam David Cameron guessed jam first and was quickly put right!

David Cameron was quickly put right on how to have a Devonshire cream tea Credit: ITV News

Mr Cameron did get it right though when eating his early morning cream tea just an hour later in Barnstaple after a meeting with party activists.

The Prime Minister even paid the bill!

Election fever in the West: PM kicks off campaign in Wiltshire

The Prime Minister has chosen Corsham in Wiltshire to begin his election campaign as the West is an important battleground for all the parties at this election.

Four of the Conservatives' top 50 targets are here in our region, including Chippenham and Wells, lost to the Lib Dems last time, plus Somerton and Frome and Taunton Deane, where the Lib Dem MPs have stood down.

Labour also have four top targets - looking to recover seats lost to the Conservaitives last time in Stroud, Gloucester, Kingswood and South Swindon in particular. Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls will be in those areas today.

UKIP believe their best chance is in the Tory-held Forest of Dean, while on paper at least regaining Weston-super-Mare is a Lib Dem target, and the Greens have Bristol West in their sights having had a success at local elections there.

Cameron's claim causes uproar in Cornwall

There's been a furious reaction in Cornwall after David Cameron told us that the Council has plenty of cash which it could spend to avoid drastic cuts in services.

The Prime Minister told ITV News West Country last night that Cornwall Council had nearly £200m in reserves, which had doubled over the past four years. But the Labour group on the council has described his comments as 'ignorant'.

You can watch our Cornwall correspondent Steve Hardy's report on the row below:

Prime Minister backs war veteran's case

The Streets family are living in temporary accommodation while their case is reviewed Credit: ITV News

A war veteran from Falmouth and his family, who were denied social housing, are having their case reviewed - following pressure from forces charities.

Father-of-four Jamie Streets had to leave the army and couldn't work due to a brain tumour. His family were turned down as they were classed as having made themselves homeless.

We asked the Prime Minister to comment and this is what he had to say:

The local MP Sarah Newton has quite rightly stepped in and has raised this case with the local Cornwall Council and they are now thinking again about whether they can provide a long term housing solution for Mr Streets and his family which I'm sure is the right thing to do.

So let's hope that the local council has a good look at this and think about how to make some special arrangements in this vital case.

– David Cameron, Prime Minister


INTERVIEW: Ian Axton tackles PM about £88m boost

Our presenter Ian Axton tackled David Cameron as he visited Devonport about today's announcement of £88 million investment in the West Country... and some other subjects, including those famous TV election debates.

You can watch the interview below:

Cameron announces £88 million investment in South West

David Cameron visited the Exeter Science Park to announce the growth deal. Credit: ITV News

The Prime Minister is on a whistle stop tour of the South West and has announced a £88 million investment into the area.

The money will be spent on various projects including building work, and road improvements and bringing broadband to remote areas.

The government says it will create 22,000 jobs and 11,000 new homes.

The investment will create 22,000 jobs Credit: ITV News
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