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Divers taken to hospital after rapid ascents

Two divers have been taken to hospital after both made rapid ascents from dives off the south west coast.

The first happened at Hands Deep off Plymouth yesterday morning. A boat reported that the diver made a rapid ascent from 27 meters. He was taken, along with his diving buddy, to Derriford Hospital.

The second incident also happened yesterday morning. A diver had done a rapid ascent from a boat off Chapel Point, Cornwall. The search and rescue helicopter from RNAS Culdrose was sent to the scene and airlifted the diver to the Diving Diseases Research Centre in Plymouth for treatment.

We'd like to remind all divers of the importance of regular stops as they come to the surface. Any dives requiring decompression stops should be planned beforehand and carried out. Any diver who has missed planned stops could suffer from decompression sickness.Divers are also advised to make sure they are adequately qualified and experienced for the diving they plan to undertake.

– Andre Huber, Watch Manager at Brixham Coastguard


Divers study lake for first time

Cornwall's largest natural freshwater lake is being surveyed by divers for the first time. Scientists have previously only studied Loe Pool in Helston by boat.

They hope a dive study of plant life will help them find out more about the ecology of the site. It's part of a four year research project funded by Natural England.

Loe Pool has suffered from algal blooms for around 40 years, caused by run off from the valley above. The National Trust, which manages the site, says improvements to the local sewage treatment works has helped improve water quality which means divers should have better visibility under the water.

Local folklore suggests the pool may have been where Sir Bedivere, a Knight of the Round Table, cast King Arthur's Sword Excalibur into the lake.

Divers are due to survey Loe Pool Credit: ITV Westcountry