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Earthquake felt in Cornwall

Drowsy residents in Cornwall were left shaken up last night after an earthquake.

People in Penryn reported a loud rumble and their houses shaking as the quake measuring 0.8 on the richter scale struck around 11.30pm.

Credit: British Geological Association

According to the Richter Scale earthquakes measuring up to 2.0 are:

  • Known as 'micro earthquakes'
  • Not felt, rarely felt, or felt very locally.
  • There are several million per year

Earthquake hits Gloucester

A small earthquake hit in Gloucester this morning at 7:20am. It measured 1.8 on the Richter Scale.

I actually thought I felt it twice! Once in the middle of the night sometime (didn't look at the clock) I thought I was having heart palpitations at first!

Then again around 7.20ish. I recognised it as experienced one some years ago in Gloucester which was much stronger and felt as if someone was moving furniture! Cant remember what year that was though.

– Irene Jackson

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North Devon businesses feel the tremor

The 4.1 magnitude earthquake which shook North Devon this afternoon was felt by hotels and theatres in the seaside town.