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Elephant "drops" into North Somerset zoo

Janu the African bull elephant gets to know his new home in Wraxall Credit: ITV West

A new arrival at a zoo in North Somerset has caused a lot of excitement. That's because he's bigger than most.

Getting Janu the African bull elephant into his new home at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm involved a lorry, a crane, some hefty chains and plenty of carrots for encouragement.


New elephant for Somerset's Noah's Ark Zoo

New elephant Janu has just arrived at Somerset's Noah's Ark Zoo Farm Credit: ITV West

A second elephant has arrived at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm near Bristol.

Janu, a nine year old bull, has moved in to the new £2 million Elephant Eden attraction, the biggest enclosure of its kind in northern Europe.

First ever elephant arrives at Noah's Ark

Staff at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm in North Somerset are celebrating the arrival of their first ever elephant. Buta, a 31-year-old African elephant has moved into the largest purpose-built habitat in Northern Europe.

31 year old Buta went through 4 months of training before the move Credit: Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

She'll soon be joined by Nissim, who is from her former herd, at the 20 acre site.

Buta along with Nissim join from Knowsley Safari in Merseyside Credit: Noah's Ark Zoo Farm