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Cornish girl walks for the first time after years in a wheelchair

A young girl from Cornwall who suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy has walked for the first time after taking up surfing.

Eight year old Madison Eddy, from Redruth, was born three months premature and had spent her life in a wheelchair.

But after a six week surfing course in St.Ives she's now walking without help.

Margaret and Martin Eddy Madison's adopted parents were overwhelmed seeing their daughter walk.

4-year-old boy has 'hundreds of seizures a day'

A father from Dorset has to keep a constant watch on his child because his disability means he could die at any second. Alexander Woodward's son has epilepsy, which is so severe that seizures can happen hundreds of times a day.

His four year old son Charlie has Otahara Syndrome, which claimed the life of the Prime Minister's son Ivan five years ago. Duncan Sleightholme has this exclusive report.

Father travels to Westminster to discuss son's rare condition

A father from Dorset is heading to Westminster today to raise awareness of his 4-year-oldson's rare form of epilepsy.

Alexander Woodward is meeting Oliver Letwin MP at a reception at the House of Commons later. For more information about epilepsy in young people click on the links below.

  • Information and support for young people and parents of children with epilepsy can be found here.
  • And click here for more information about the disease.


4-year-old's condition can cause hundreds of seizures a day

A father from Bridport in Dorset is hoping to raise awareness of his son's rare form of epilepsy.

4-year-old Charlie Woodward's has Otahara Syndrome, a condition so severe it can cause him to have hundreds of seizures a day. Charlie's father has to keep a constant watch on his son because his disability means he could need medical help, or even die, at any second.

Otahara Syndrome is the same condition that claimed the life of the Prime Minister's son Ivan 5 years ago. Duncan Sleightholme reports:

Frenchay Hospital named as specialist epilepsy centre

Frenchay Hospital near Bristol is to become a specialist centre for treating children with epilepsy.

Children with epilepsy will get specialist treatment at Frenchay Hospital Credit: ITV West

It will be one of four in the country and help a quarter of all children in the UK with the condition. The hospital will carry out surgery on young patients whose epilepsy is resistant to drugs and also research the illness.