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Explosion at a house in Cornwall

Explosion at a house in Cornwall Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

One person is in hospital after an explosion at a house in Cornwall.

Emergency services were called to a property on Trecalgo View in Camelford late last night. The home was badly damaged and near by cars were also damaged by flying debris.

A corden is in place for the clean up operation and police are investigating what caused it. There's thought to be no further risk of explosion.

The sole occupant is recovering in Royal Cornwall Hospital and believed to be in a stable condition.

Explosion at a house in Cornwall Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police


Cleaning product makes van explode

Cleaning product makes van explode Credit: Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service

A man has suffered minor burns to his face and neck after a cleaning product made his van explode.

Yesterday in Yeovil the man was using an aerosol spray to clean the dashboard, he then turned the engine on, causing a reaction and explosion due to the cleaning product vapours.

The Yeovil Fire Crew initially treated the man at the scene. He was then taken to hospital and left later in the afternoon.

Gas blast is still a mystery on first anniversary

Experts from the Health and Safety Executive say the cause of the gas explosion which happened a year ago in Cheltenham will never be discovered.

Miraculously, eighty one year old Betty Hodgkiss wasn't seriously injured when her home was wrecked last May. Eleven other properties in Rosehill Street were also severely damaged. Our Gloucestershire correspondent Ken Goodwin has this exclusive report.

Cheltenham gas explosion: Full statement from HSE

We have been unable to find any definitive cause for the explosion. The nature of the explosion made it difficult to carry out a full forensic exploration of the site and we have been unable to find any evidence of recent work, or a fault in any gas appliance.

The catastrophic seriousness of the explosion itself made it very difficult to piece together physical evidence of how it is most likely to have been caused.

– Health and Safety Executive

With regards to the way evidence was removed and stored: the investigators did the very best they could in the circumstances of the evidence lying in the wreckage of the explosion.

The evidence was obtained as early as possible, was handled, stored and transported in the best practicable manner and has been scrutinised fairly and thoroughly.

– Health and Safety Executive
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