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SW parents embarrassed by finances

One in four parents in the South West are too embarrassed to ask for advice about money problems.

Research by the charity Action for Children found that 26% would put off seeking financial advice, compared to a national average of 20%.

Action for Children provide free money management courses at their centres around the West Country and say there's no shame in asking for help.

Action for Children found that 26% of parents in the SW would put off seeking financial advice. Credit: PA


Experts warn students about payday loans

Thousands of students in the west are about to start the next phase of their academic careers. And as well as coping with a new life away from home, many are facing the challenge of managing a budget for the first time.

Experts are warning students to stay away from payday loans which many poorer students are tempted by. As David Wood reports, the advice is to make a budget and stick to it.