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14 people injured at Amesbury fireworks display

14 people have received minor injuries after a box of exploding fireworks tipped over during a display last night (Saturday 4 November), sending some of them into the crowd.

It happened during a display at the Antrobus Hotel in Amesbury, Wiltshire at around 8pm. Four ambulances attended, and the rest of the display was cancelled. Everyone was treated at the scene, and no one required hospital treatment.

"A single display box, containing multiple fireworks, malfunctioned at today's display. Regrettably, despite the safety cordon exceeding the manufacturer's guidelines, some projectiles ejected towards the crowd line.

The display was immediately ended and emergency services called. It is now apparent that thankfully no serious injuries occurred, with all injured treated at the scene.

The hotel's team put on today's free event as a community event and worked diligently with the suppliers to ensure that today's event was safe and exceeded requirements in respect of safety and distance. We are mortified about what has occurred today and would like to apologise to all those affected, please rest assured that a full investigation will take place."

– Statement from the Antrobus Hotel


Watch the moment fireworks veered off course into watching crowd

An investigation is underway after people claimed they were nearly hit by fireworks at a display in Bristol.

It happened at the At-Bristol display on Thursday night, which was held in Millennium Square.

This video courtesy of the Bristol University Skydiving Club captures the moment, and the crowd's stunned reaction:

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