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Salmon fisherman threatened by new regulations

The Environment Agency, has told Nigel he can catch no more than 30 fish a year. Credit: ITV West

The only full-time salmon fisherman on the River Severn says new regulations risk putting him out of business and destroying a traditional way of life which dates back centuries.

The Environment Agency, which licences river fishing, has told Nigel Mott he can catch no more than 30 fish a year. Nigel Mott fishes for wild salmon near Lydney using putchers, wire cages which the salmon swim into as the tide ebbs. Previously he was allowed to caatch as many as he liked.

Cornish fisherman jailed for murder after man dies two years after being attacked

A Cornish fisherman has been jailed for a minimum of 16 years after being found guilty of murdering a man who died two years after being attacked.

Brian Harrison, 31, from Newlyn, pleaded not guilty to murdering Neville Dunn on New Year's Eve 2007.

He was previously convicted of grievous bodily harm but was tried for murder after Mr Dunn died in October 2009.

It is only the second time in England a person has been tried for murder after being convicted of a lesser offence.


Newlyn fisherman jailed for murder

Newlyn fisherman Brian Harrison has been jailed for life today. The fisherman from Newlyn was convicted of murdering Neville Dunn. Mr Dunn died two years after he was assaulted by Harrison.

Harrison was jailed for six years for the assault but after Mr.Dunn's death he was re-tried for murder. It's only the second time this has happened in English law. Today he was sentenced to a minimum of 16 years.