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Cold weather delays daffodil crop

Has spring really sprung? Credit: PA : Anthony Devlin

A flower breeder from Falmouth says a cold and dry January means his daffodil crop has failed to flower in time for the first days of spring.

Ron Scamp,72, who has the world's largest collection of novelty daffodil varieties with 2,700 different types, says it is a marked contrast from last year where he had more than 250 varieties in full bloom. This year he has only about 10.

Commercial growers would normally expect their fields to be full of yellow blooms when 'meteorological spring' began on March 1st. Daffodil farmers believe the recent cold weather will delay the burst of colour by up to two weeks.


Annual Valentine’s Flower count underway

The annual Valentine's Flower count is taking place across Devon and Cornwall.

National Trust gardeners will spend the next two days counting different species and varieties of bloom.

The tradition started in 2006. It will give an indication on what weather we can expect this spring.

The annual flower count is underway