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Jenson Button age 9: before you were famous

Jenson Button may have just had to withdraw from his final race with Formula One, but he'll always be a star to his supporters back in his home town.

We've been getting nostalgic as we look back on his amazing 17 year career, have a look at what we found in our archives...

Here he is being interviewed when he was just 9 years old, after winning the cadets carting championship in Dorchester. And where did it all begin?

With Santa, of course:

Jenson Button OUT of his 'last race' with F1 after mechanical fault

Jenson Button has had to drop out of what was billed to be his last race for F1 after a mechanical fault.

People tweeted their disappointment for the driver from Frome.

Jenson Button's last F1 race: 'I arrived with dreams and leave with memories'

Jenson Button could be reaching the end of the road of his Formula One career.

The McLaren driver from Somerset says today's race is "probably" going to be his last.

He was already not going to race in F1 in 2017, with the team holding an option on him in 2018.

Posting on Instagram today though, his mind seemed made up:

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I'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone that has helped and supported me through the years including family, friends, team members and fans and last but not least my Dad who I'm hoping is looking down on us with pride.

I arrived with dreams and leave with memories.

– Jenson Button
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