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Views on recycling sought

A door-to-door survey will be taking place in the Gloucestershire next week to find out residents’ views about recycling.

The survey is being carried out on behalf of the Gloucestershire Waste Partnership (GWP) and will start on Thursday.

Gloucestershire County Council will begin a door-to-door survey on recycling next week Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

It will take place in a sample of properties in Springbank, Whaddon, Podsmead, Linden, Stonehouse and Brockworth, and residents should be aware that all the interviewers will wear identity badges and will be carrying letters of authorisation.

Councillor Stan Waddington, Chairman of the GWP explains, "Gloucestershire’s councils have a target to recycle and compost at least 60% of our household waste by 2020. Although we’ve already come a long way, with recycling rates currently at just over 48%, there is still more to do."

Since an initial survey in these areas in 2011, people in these communities have been encouraged to recycle more to raise funds for local causes.


Minchinhampton's community library to open

Standby for Minchinhampton's Community Library's official opening Credit: ITV WEST

Minchinhampton's Community Library will be officially opened today [Thursday].

The library was one of seven threatened with closure as part of spending cuts by Gloucestershire County Council. It will now be staffed by volunteers from the town. Local author Katie Fforde will perform the ceremony along with councillor Stan Waddington.