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Anger over fireworks misuse during Halloween

A number of complaints were made following the misuse of fireworks Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire/PA Images

People have taken to social media to express their anger at the way some people chose to use fireworks during Halloween. A number of messages were posted on various forum's over their misuse. One parent wrote:

Please be careful if out and about down North Street tonight (Mon). Stopped at Tesco half an hour ago and as my daughter walked through the doorway about 10 lads walked past and threw a rocket into the doorway.

My seven year old cried with fear and my fifteen year old had to hide behind shelves to keep safe.

– Louise Devonald

The police also posted online following a busy night in which they received a number of calls about dangerous use of fireworks:

Clocks go back this weekend

At 2am on Sunday morning (30th October) the clocks will go back an hour to Greenwich Mean Time.

Credit: Steve Mulville

Depending on how you look at it this means the change will bring an extra hour on an evening out on Saturday night, or an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning.

The sun will set in the West Country region at around 4.36pm on Sunday evening.

Some very short days ahead now with dark nights and dark mornings. We have to wait until 21st December for the Winter Solstice (shortest day) before the days start drawing out again.


Has a ghost been caught on camera in this museum?

CCTV footage of books and leaflets "flying off the shelves" is being touted as showing possible paranormal activity at a museum in Devon.

Caught on camera, here is the moment a stack of leaflets flew off a shelf in Torquay Museum's shop.

A museum staff member heads over to investigate, but when he bends down to pick up the leaflets, another stack flies off, hitting him in the head.

"The first batch of leaflets that fall off could conceivably have just slipped, whereas the second batch that come down on David’s head appear to have been thrown" - the Museum said.

So, is this the work of a ghost? Watch and judge for yourself:

Posting on their Facebook page, the museum says it's not the first time the site has seen some spooky goings on.

There have been a number of incidents of books and leaflets flying of the shelves in the Museum’s bookshop, and there has been a long list of unexplained activity at Torquay Museum over the past few years.

– Torquay Museum
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