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The action plan to sort out Bristol's housing shortfall

The new Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees has announced a new member for housing.

It comes as figures obtained by ITV News showed that thousands of people are on a waiting list for just a few dozen houses in Bristol.

Today we spoke to Cllr Paul Smith, Cabinet Member for Homes and Communities, and asked him what he's got to say to the 9000 people currently on the waiting list:

We know how important it is to have somewhere secure to live - where you know you're not going to be turfed out after six months

– Cllr Paul Smith

The Labour mayor put housing at the forefront of his campaign, promising to build 2000 homes a year by 2020.

Housing objectives:

"We have to build more council housing, housing association housing, housing to buy."
  • The Council has taken 80 hectares of land off the market so they can build on it
  • They aim to build 2000 new homes by 2020
"We need to make sure that none of our houses are emptier longer than they need to be"
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