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Royal visit to the Isles of Scilly postponed due to fog

Credit: PA

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's visit to the Isles of Scilly has been delayed because of bad weather.

William and Kate are due to spend the day touring the group of islands off the coast of Cornwall, meeting locals and learning about life on the remote outcrops.

But forecast fog has descended on the area and the couple are expected to arrive later in the day on the main island of St Mary's.

This is how the Isles of Scilly looked this morning... Credit: ITV News

Their programme, which will also see them visit the islands of Tresco and St Martin's, is likely to be revised.

Commercial flights carrying tourists and residents to the island have also been suspended.

Their travel plans have been affected by the adverse weather like many people this morning

– Kensington Palace spokeswoman

At the scene: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit the Isles of Scilly

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will spend today touring the Isles of Scilly as their visit to the West Country continues.

Our reporter Seth Conway is there and explains why this is likely to be such a special visit:

William and Kate will tour the three islands of St Mary's, Tresco and St Martin's to learn more about their industries, particularly the flower trade, and hear from local people about Scillonian life and culture.

The Isles of Scilly are part of the Duchy of Cornwall.

AWOL skunk causes big stink

The crime rate maybe virtually zero but that doesn't make the police force redundant - especially when one smelly culprit has made a bid for freedom.

It's now become such an issue that the Isles of Scilly Police are lending a hand to a somewhat pungent appeal to track down a missing albino skunk.

All-white Milli disappeared while being taken for a walk by its owner more than a month ago.

Sergeant Colin Taylor, renowned for his lighthearted broadcasting of life on the Islands, is now issuing a stark warning to other skunk owners to ensure their pet is kept well and truly harnessed.

Uploading a missing poster onto the police Facebook page, he wrote:

Naturally enough they are very keen to have her back.

So keen that uniquely I can announce they have put up a reward for this crepuscular critter. A bounty for an AWOL Skunk.

We are looking to bring this one in alive so a sighting that leads to her safe recovery will net you £250 and £500 for a live capture.

– Sgt Colin Taylor
Sgt Colin Taylor Credit: ITV West Country

He was quick to warn keep hunters however that although she does not attack, "she may bite if grappled with".

If wrestling skunks is your thing then I imagine you have few friends outside of the backwater swamps of Tennessee.

However in this instance I can inform you that even Pepé Le Pew cannot find Milli as she has been de-scented (she cannot squirt pong on you).

– Sgt Colin Taylor

Signing off his message he left a gentle reminder... "DO NOT BRING A SKUNK TO THE POLICE STATION."

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