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Scientist warns of "the year of the jellyfish"

One of the increasing number of barrel jellyfish washing up on our shores Credit: ITV News

A marine scientist is warning beaches may have to close because of huge numbers of jelly fish.

Hundreds of harmless barrel jelly fish are washing up around the West Country's coast.

But Dr Keith Hiscock warns people should be careful if more poisonous species appear.

He describes this as the year of the jelly fish because of the huge numbers.

Jellyfish spotted on Devon coastline

This jellyfish was one of four washed up at Dawlish sea wall Credit: James Crook

Here's some evidence of the increasing numbers of jellyfish being washed up on our coastline.

This chap was spotted by one of our viewers James Crook at Dawlish sea wall on Sunday 14 June. He said it was one of four that had washed up on the beach looking very "fresh and alive".

WATCH: Jellyfish in Plymouth Sound filmed up close

More jellyfish are being seen in our region than in recent years. Credit: Jason Kiely

Huge barrel jellyfish have been spotted in West Country waters in recent weeks.

This one was filmed by kayaker Jason Kiely in Plymouth Sound yesterday. It follows a large number of sightings off the Dorset coast - which scientists say is a growing trend.


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