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Water supply back on in Bristol homes

Bristol Water has called the incident one of the biggest in its history. Credit: ITV News

The water supply to thousands of Bristol homes has been restored after a burst water main in Willsbridge cut off services for many on Wednesday.

Bristol Water has called the incident "one of the biggest" in its history. 35,000 homes across Keynsham, Hanham and Whitchurch were without water and bowsers were brought in to supply residents with drinking water.

Five schools remain closed in Keynsham on Thursday, not confident enough in their water tank's ability to cope. Bristol Water is advising people to run their taps for a short time as the water may be discoloured, which is normal according to the utility company.

Burst water main: what to do if you've been affected

If you're one of the 35,000 homes in Bristol which were left without water this morning, here is where you can collect some:

  • Ashton Way Car Park - Keynsham
  • Waitrose - Keynsham

A third bowser is said to be on its way.

Bristol Water is asking people to take a clean container for filling if possible, and to report any concerns about vulnerable neighbours.

If your water comes back on and is discoloured then Bristol Water advises running the tap for a minute or two until it runs clear.

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