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Car crashes into the front of a house in Bath

A BMW collided with the front of the Hunters' family home. Credit: ITV News

A car crashed into the front of a house in Bath last night.

Clive and Jane Hunter were at home around midnight on Thursday night when a BMW collided with their home. Mrs Hunter was in the front room when the car smashed into the window, and her husband told us it was only the room's heavy curtains that prevented her from being injured.

Nobody was hurt in the incident. Credit: ITV News

Nobody was hurt, though the couple believe the crash has caused £20,000 worth of damage to their home. Damage was also caused to railings at a church next door.

Last night's crash happened on Southlands, at the bottom of Lansdown Lane. Credit: ITV News
A police cordon is in place at the scene. Credit: ITV News

The Hunters live at the bottom of Lansdown Lane, the road where a tipper truck crash killed four people in February, including a four-year-old girl.

The scene on Lansdown Lane where a tipper truck crashed and killed four people in February. Credit: ITV News