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Organisers of Longleat's Sky Safari say they've set a new record

170 balloons took to the sky this morning Credit: Longleat

More than 170 hot air balloons from around the world have taken to the skies in Wiltshire this morning.

The Sky Safari at Longleat is one of the largest events of it's kind in the country. Organisers say they've set a new record for the most balloons in the sky simultaneously, with todays ascent.

Organisers say they've set a new record with this morning's ascent Credit: Longleat


Aardvarks mess up specially built giant sandcastle

A pair of aardvarks have made short work of a giant sandcastle built especially for them at Longleat Safari Park.

Frankie and Nacho kept digging out the sand in their enclosure, so a team from Weston Sand Sculpture Festival was brought in to create something that would challenge them - but it didn't last long.

The mammals have specially-adapted spade-like claws and are famous for their tunneling ability.

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