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Fishermen and conservationists build sustainable future

A partnership between fishermen and conservationists in the South West could become a model for sustainable fishing around the world. The Lyme Bay Fisheries & Conservation Reserve allows fishermen to decide the rules about what they'll catch and how they'll do it.

The aim is to preserve stocks and livelihoods in the future. Our environment correspondent Duncan Sleightholme reports.

Lyme Bay marine conservation project a success

A pioneering partnership between fishermen and conservationists in Lyme Bay is being hailed a success. The project gives fishermen a say in the management and regulation of the marine reserve.

They've drafted a voluntary code of conduct to protect their livelihoods and help preserve fish stocks. They're telling other interested groups about the project at a conference on Portland today.

Fisherman in Lyme Bay Credit: ITV News West Country

Marine petition presented to government

A conservation zone was set up around Lundy in 2010. Credit: ITV News

Environmental groups from want better protection for marine habitats.

The groups are disappointed only a quarter of the proposed marine conservation zones will be created this year and will present a petition to Parliament today.

A zone around Lundy was the first to be set up in 2010. Consultation on a further 31 sites ends in March.