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Labour swap red roses for red noses

Lesley Mansell, Jeremy Corbyn and Mayor Marvin Rees wear Red Noses, Credit: ITV News

Lesley Mansell, Jeremy Corbyn and Mayor Marvin Rees were getting into the Red Nose Day spirit in Bristol earlier today.

Jeremy Corbyn is visiting Bristol to launch Lesley Mansell's campaign for Metro Mayor.

The Labour leader will call into the Bristol North West constituency where he will meet local members and activists.

You can find out more about the 5 West of England Metro Mayoral candidates here:


Bristol Mayor: 'I'm surprised and concerned' by Brexit

Marvin Rees has told ITV News West Country he's "surprised and concerned" by the Brexit vote but pledged that Bristol will 'meet the challenge' it now faces.

Bristol's Mayor has called an emergency meeting today with leaders on business, education and unions to form a response but said he was proud that the city voted to remain.

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We're at the centre of international trade and we will continue to look outward to Europe and the world.

– Marvin Rees, Bristol Mayor

He also responded to rumours of a vote in Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn by giving him his full support while expressing surprise at Prime Minister David Cameron's decision to resign immediately.

Bristol mayor: no new RPZs and parking charges frozen

Marvin Rees speaking at City Hall Credit: Bristol City Council

Bristol's new mayor Marvin Rees has re-stated his pledge to tackle inequality in the city. In his maiden speech at City Hall this afternoon the Labour mayor said a quarter of children in Bristol lived in poverty and the cost of housing was having a big impact on working people. Mr Rees said there would be no new Residents' Parking Zones unless communities specifically wanted them. He said the cost of parking permits in existing RPZs would be frozen until 2020. And Blue Badge holders would not be penalised for parking in RPZs.

"When I took office three weeks ago, I said I would bring in a different tone of leadership. I will seek the views and opinions of all, and those views will not only be sought, but listened to, and valued. "As councillors I invite you, irrespective of your personal party allegiance, to work with me. "I want you to be empowered in your communities so that we in Bristol can be a beacon of participatory democracy, where everyone has a stake and where no one gets left behind."

– Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol


Former journalist selected as mayoral candidate

A former journalist has been selected as the Labour candidate for an elected mayor in Bristol. Marvin Rees currently runs a health and equalities campaign for the NHS.

Marvin Rees was born in Bristol and went to Yale Credit: ITV West

Mr Rees won the nomination against four other candidates including former MP Dan Norris and city council leader Peter Hammond. The vote for the mayor will take place in November.

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