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Totnes GP: Schools are 'neglectful' if not recommending measles jab

More pupils are getting measles jabs since the outbreak Credit: ITV Westcountry

A GP in Totnes says schools are being neglectful if they don't recommend the measles jab for pupils.

Totnes has the one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country. Dr Dylan Watkins from Leatside Surgery is holding a meeting for local schools and health professionals today.

It will focus on ten to sixteen year olds who haven't been vaccinated.

Devizes pupils given MMR jab

The Wiltshire School where pupils were vaccinated this morning Credit: ITV News West Country

Pupils at Devizes School in Wiltshire have been vaccinated this morning after a measles outbreak.

Two cases were confirmed and a number of others are suspected at the school.

Immunisation against measles, mumps and rubella is also open to pupils' families from 3pm on Wednesday.

There will be a further session on Friday.



Devizes pupils to be offered measles jab this week

A measles vaccination programme in underway in Wiltshire after cases were confirmed at one of the county's schools.

Pupils at Devizes School, aged between 10 and 16, are being offered MMR vaccinations tomorrow and on Friday. They'll also be made available to brothers and sisters of pupils and to members of staff.

Wiltshire Public Health officials say it is important that children receive two doses of the vaccine, so some may need the top-up.

The news follows a major outbreak in the Swansea area where more than 1,030 cases have been reported.

43 measles cases reported in Gloucestershire

A measles vaccination. Credit: ITV News West Country

There have been 43 measles cases in Gloucestershire over the past six months - one of very few areas in the West Country to have confirmed cases of the disease.

The government has announced a vaccination catch-up programme for 10 to 16 year-olds who weren't vaccinated during the MMR scare.

13 measles cases in Devon during last six months

A measles vaccination. Credit: ITV News West Country

Devon has had thirteen measles cases over the last six months - one of the highest county totals in the South West.

The government has announced a catch-up programme for 10 - 16 year-olds who weren't vaccinated during the MMR scare.

Experts say unprotected young people should get at least one dose of the jab.

Somerset doctors warn of measles risk

Doctors say immunising is vital to avoid the complications of measles Credit: ITV Westcountry

Parents in Somerset are being advised to give their children the MMR vaccination. It's after eleven reported cases of the virus in the county in the last month. Doctors have sent a letter for schools to issue to parents advising them about the risks.

NHS Somerset has confirmed cases in Glastonbury, Bruton and Shepton Mallet. Public Health Consultant Julie Yates said: " So far the people affected have not been immunised, or only partially immunised, with the MMR vaccine.

Measles can spread quickly and easily, especially in close-knit communities such as schools and community facilities which is why it is so important children are properly immunised."

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