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Police forces unite to stop drivers using mobile phones

Police forces across the South West are working together to stop people using their mobile phones at the wheel. Credit: PA

Police forces across the South West are working together to stop people using their mobile phones at the wheel.

The increase in law enforcement will run in line a National Police Chief’s Council campaign.

It comes as figures from the Department for Transport showed that in 2016 32 people were killed in road traffic collisions where the driver of the vehicle was using their mobile phone.

Whatever’s happening on your phone can wait, don’t risk it. Mobile phone use whilst driving remains one of the biggest concerns we hear about from the public. Reaction times for drivers using a phone are around 50% slower than normal driving, so put your phone out sight in your bag or on the back seat and make sure you’re focussed on the road.

We’ve released a video today that shows how to put your phone into a mode that automatically lets anyone contacting you know you’re driving and therefore unable to take calls.

There’s no excuse for using your mobile on the road. You could end up with points on your license and a fine, or for new drivers you could have your license taken away.

Legislation introduced in March 2017 means those caught can receive six points on their licence and a £200 fine.

– Superintendent Andy Williams, Avon and Somerset Police

What happened to my phone signal?

What happened to my signal? Credit: Lauren Hurley/PA Wire/Press Association Images

It's been revealed that a £150 million project launched four years ago to improve mobile phone coverage in rural areas has resulted in just two masts being erected.

When the scheme was announced it had been hoped it would result in hundreds of new masts.

If you live in the South West what's your reception like? How frustrating is it when you see the words "no service"? Comment on our Facebook page and you could have your comments featured on our programme.


Mobile phone boost for Cornwall

Mobile phone reception in Cornwall should soon improve Credit: PA

Cornwall is to get 35 new phone masts around its coast as part of a nationwide project to improve mobile reception.

The £5 million government project will be targeted at villages where there is no signal. It comes after David Cameron complained about poor coverage while on holiday.

David Cameron and his wife Sam on holiday in Polzeath in Cornwall in August Credit: PA

Mobile phones in class

Most of us have mobile phones, including school children, and now it seems they could actually help with children's education.

Research carried out by one of our universities suggests mobile phone technology can boost learning.

Our Education Correspondent Peter Bearne has this special report.

Mobile users are FOUR times more likely to crash

Figures involving drivers using mobile phones at the wheel Credit: ITV News West Country

Figures obtained from the police by ITV News West Country reveal that:

Motorists are four times more likely to crash when using a mobile

phone. Reaction times are around 50% slower than normal

More than a million drivers have been convicted of using a mobile behind the wheel in the past ten years

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