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Newquay Zoo's much loved red panda off to Slovakia

Keepers at Newquay Zoo are bidding a fond farewell to their beloved baby red panda.

Credit: Newquay Zoo

Eight-month-old Hu, who was born at the zoo in November, is to go to Bojnice Zoo in Slovakia where he will join conservation efforts to save his species from extinction, staff say.

The red panda’s status on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species has been classified as “endangered. It's hoped that Hu will become part of a breeding pair.

red pandas in zoos across the world, but numbers in the wild are unknown.

Hu was the first red panda that we have bred at Newquay Zoo and we were delighted when he was born, but we are even more pleased that he will now go on to hopefully become a father to his own offspring.

– John Meek, Newquay Zoo


Otter family go wild for new water slide

A family of otters at Newquay Zoo in Cornwall certainly have something to keep them busy this Bank Holiday - after a water slide was placed in their pool.

The new addition is part of an enrichment programme, and is meant to keep the otters entertained and stimulated. Other new methods in the zoo include a bubble machine for the penguins and a blood ice lolly for a male lion.

Rare parrot numbers increased thanks to Newquay Zoo

Credit: Newquay Zoo

These cute chicks area real success story after they hatched at Newquay Zoo increasing the numbers of one of the rarest and most endangered species of parrot.

The Ecuador Amazon parrot or Lilacine Amazon parrot are found in the Ecuadorian rain forests of South America. Only around 600 known to be left in the wild.

Newquay Zoo successfully bred Ecuadorian Amazons three years ago and transferred males with Barcelona Zoo in November 2014. The new pair have already paired up and bred for the first time.

It is great news we have bred these newly paired Ecuadorian Amazon parrots. The two chicks, once reaching adulthood, will be moved onto other zoos to be part of a very important captive breeding programme and to help save this endangered but only newly discovered species.

– Gary Ward, Senior Bird Keeper


Scorpion at the supermarket

Supermarket workers were shocked to find a live scorpion inside a packet of bananas in Cornwall.

Sales assistant Angela Parren spotted the three-inch long creature while she was restocking shelves at the Pheonix stores in St Stephen.

A live scorpion was found inside a packet of bananas in Cornwall. Credit: SWNS

The venomous creature, which has a sting that can be "extremely painful", had made its journey from Costa Rica to the UK by stowing away among the fruit.

The creature was identified as a juvenile black edged scorpion and was offered a home in Newquay Zoo.

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