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Baby wallaby makes its first public appearance

Wendy and Joey Credit: Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm/Bob Pitchford

A curious baby wallaby has been spotted peering out at the world for the first time from the security of his mums pouch at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Bristol.

The 7 month old joey, seemingly enjoying the warmer March weather as spring approaches, is fast becoming a popular spot for staff and public at the 100 acre animal park, all hopeful of a glimpse of the cute Australian mammal.

Born to parents Wendy and Winston, this is the first joey the pair have had at the zoo. Mum and dad joined the park in 2009 and are part of a 4 strong group including their recent addition.

Visitors should be able to see the joey more frequently as the weather continues to get warmer and will soon see it bounding around the field with mum. Keepers will be able to name the new arrival as soon he it emerges properly from pouch and they can determine the sex.

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