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Police appeal following assault in Paignton

A 17-year-old girl was allegedly pushed over by a cyclist. Credit: PA

A pedestrian has been injured following an incident involving a cyclist on Brixham Road in Paignton which happened on Tuesday 9 January 2018.

At around 5.15pm a female pedestrian, a 17-year-old girl, was walking along a dual-use footpath when she was allegedly pushed over by a cyclist. The cyclist left the scene.

The girl suffered a substantial arm injury and a knock to her head.

Officers are appealing for witnesses to the incident and anyone with information.


Kings Ash Road in Paignton to close for urgent repairs

Torbay Council will be closing Kings Ash Road in Paignton, between Foxhole Road and Whitebeam Close, from 1 pm until 2 pm today, 24 October, to carry out emergency repairs.

It says that this is in addition to the temporary traffic lights that are already in operation between Foxhole Road and Waterleat Road.

It warns that the closure, which it says is urgent, will cause major traffic disruptions and delays in and around Kings Ash Road.

Cheeky resident keeps zoo visitors entertained

Kiondo sticks his tongue out at anyone who will see Credit: Miriam Haas

Visitors to Paignton Zoo are being entertained by one of the residents -who's taken to pulling faces.

Kiondo, a 14-year-old Western Lowland Gorilla continues to stick his tongue out at anyone who passes - amusing visitors with his antics.

Bemused keepers say they don't know what the 186 kilo gorilla means by the gesture.

But, unlike most parents, who try to teach their children sticking out their tongue is rude, we'd challenge anyone to tell this gorilla what to do!

Credit: Miriam Haas

Gorillas use all their senses to communicate. They grunt, rumble, adopt various body postures and pull faces to indicate mood.

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