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Zoo's neighbours sign petition complaining of giraffe cage noises

What's all the noise about? Credit: PA

More than 150 residents in Paignton have signed a petition complaining about a nocturnal noise coming from the zoo's giraffe cage.

The neighbours claim the noise is keeping them up all night and are calling for an independent investigation to be carried out.

The noise has been described as anything from "a persistent low level hum", "droning" and "drumming", to "like a distant engine or washing machine", and "a constant rumbling".

It's thought the problem may come from the heating system in the zoo's Giraffe House.

We have conducted multiple assessments in several locations, including a factory and Paignton Zoo's Giraffe House, to try to identify where reported low frequency noise is coming from.

However, our officers have been unable to hear or detect any low frequency noise that would be an issue.

For a noise to constitute a nuisance, it must be something that the average reasonable person would object to.

– Spokesperson, Torbay Council