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Enforcement starts in new Bristol RPZ

Residents' Parking Zone are being introduced across Bristol Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Today sees the start of full enforcement of new parking rules in a Bristol neighbourhood. The Residents' Parking Zone in Cliftonwood and Hotwells is aimed at reducing the number of commuters' cars clogging streets. It's the seventh area of the city to see restrictions on parked vehicles.

Bristol extended parking zones: for and against

It's the biggest parking project ever undertaken in our region. Today the Mayor of Bristol outlined 20 new residents' parking zones around the city.

It'll mean tens of thousands of people will have to pay to park in front of their homes. But commuters coming into Bristol - many of whom park for free at the moment - will have to go elsewhere.

We have two reports. Bob Constantine on why the Mayor wants to introduce the restrictions, and Robert Murphy looks at those against the scheme:


Mayor to unveil plans to extend parking zones in Bristol

People in Bristol will have to pay to park outside their homes in most of the city's neighbourhoods under proposals being put forward by the mayor today.

George Ferguson wants to extend the number of parking zones from three to twenty four. Permits cost thirty pounds for the first car and eighty for the second.

Find out if you could be affected by the proposals.

For many residents there is an urgent problem that needs solving. For many others, if we don’t work on schemes now, they’ll be badly affected further down the line.

I’m not prepared to drag this out over several years.


Bristol has severe traffic and parking problems. City Council figures show 47,000 cars enter central Bristol every rush-hour morning, their drivers looking for somewhere to park. Many leave their cars on residential streets for the day.