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Why has PCC Tony Hogg decided not to stand again?

Tony Hogg is stepping down as PCC for Devon and Cornwall in May 2016 Credit: ITV News

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly has announced that he will not seek re-election next May.

Tony Hogg was elected in 2012, and says he is proud of his achievements in overseeing the force.

ITV News asked his office why Mr Hogg was stepping down. This is their response.

  • Having set up the role and made it a success, he feels it is a good time to move on
  • Staying on another term will take him over the age of 70
  • His job keeps him away most weekdays and he wants to spend more time with his family
  • He is not stepping down - he will still be in post until May, with a lot to achieve before then.

You can read more about Mr Hogg's plans here.

Devon & Cornwall's PCC 'not seeking re-election'

The Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg on walkabout in Exmouth Credit: ITV News

Tony Hogg has announced that he will not seek re-election as Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly next May. Mr Hogg, was elected in November 2012 and will step down in eight months' time.

I have three main priorities that will keep me working right up to the point that I handover to the next commissioner - improving police funding, effective community policing and the transformation of volunteering and the Special Constabulary.

– Tony Hogg

Earlier this month, Mr Hogg hit out at the "scandalous lack of funding" of Devon and Cornwall Police. He says he will continue his campaign before he retires.

My campaign to achieve fair funding for Devon and Cornwall Police in the annual policing grant forms a leading part of our plans to meet public sector savings targets.

– Tony Hogg


PCC is "horrified" balaclavas are not against the law

Gloucestershire's Police and Crime Commissioner is calling for a change in the law on balaclavas, in the wake of the badger culls.

Martin Surl says they create an intimidating atmosphere. Senior officers complained when they were worn both by protesters and marksmen during the pilot cull in the county.

He is writing to the Home Secretary to ask for more limits on when they can be worn.

He told our reporter Katie Rowlett why he finds the wearing of balaclavas so offensive.

Gloucestershire PCC calls for law change on face coverings

Mock up: police researcher Annabelle Turner has been gauging reaction from the public.

Gloucestershire's PCC Martin Surl is backing a call for a law change on face coverings. It comes after the Commissioner questioned senior officers about the policing of the badger cull.

Officers said people on all sides wearing balaclavas raised tensions and led to an atmosphere of intimidation.

First anniversary for PCC

Devon and Cornwall's Police and Crime Commissioner says he'll fight to make sure officer numbers aren't cut any further. The force is already facing a reduction in head count of around to around 2,800 over the next two years, and there are fears budgets may be tightened again.

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of Tony Hogg taking office and he's told us that he's got an important role in not just holding senior officers to account, but also ensuring the force is able to do the job it's supposed to do. Richard Lawrence reports.


Avon & Somerset's PCC to launch plan of action

Sue Mountstevens at her election as Police and Crime Commissioner for the Avon & Somerset force area Credit: Rod Minchin/PA Wire

Avon and Somerset's new Police and Crime Commissioner will launch her first plan of action for the year ahead today.

Sue Mountstevens will outline her priorities to the public and speak to people on the streets. Her plan will including new details on road safety.

Police chief to take Police and Crime Commissioner to court

The Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset, Colin Port, is taking the newly-elected Police and Crime Commissioner to court.

It is thought he is taking the action at the High Court against Sue Mountstevens in a bid to keep his job, and that he has called for 6 months notice and an injunction to stop a replacement being appointed.

The Chief Constable announced that he would be standing down the day after the new PCC was elected.

After publicly announcing on November 22 that he intended to retire at the end of his fixed term appointment on January 26, 2013, we were surprised to receive a legal letter from Chief Constable Colin Port, on Friday December 21 requesting six months notice and an injunction blocking the interview process for a new Chief.

We believe his claims are unfounded and we will resist them.

– Office of Avon & Somerset Police & Crime Commissioner
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