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Plymouth City Council payments hit by bank problem

RBS has had major issues with its BACs transactions which is having a knock on effect Credit: PA

Plymouth City Council has issued the following statement about problems with direct payments due to a national banking problem.

Many people will have seen the national media coverage around RBS who have had a significant issue with their BACs processing system, and this is also affecting other banks such as Nat West, which are part of the same group.

Unfortunately this is having a knock on effect for Plymouth City Council, in common with many other local authorities. The BACs transactions are not being received by the banks so therefore Direct Payments to some of our Adult Social Care clients are not being received.

It is anticipated that the banks will have the issue resolved by Saturday 20 June.

There is unfortunately nothing the Council can do until the banks have resolved this issue, however, people can contact our Contact Centre on 01752 668000 if they have concerns.

– Plymouth City Council spokesperson

Plymouth City Council to fire and re-hire 200 staff

Plymouth City Council plans to sack nearly 200 staff and then take them back on under flexible hours contracts. Unions are balloting members over strike action and is considering legal action on behalf of some members.

The council says it needs to provide customer services outside normal office hours. 140 staff have accepted the new contracts which will require them to work some weekends and up to eight o'clock at night.

The council deputy leader, Cllr Pete Smith, has accused the unions of being inflexible. The unions, Unison, Unite and the GMB, say their members are prepared to be flexible, but the city council has rejected their proposals and negotiations have broken down for the first time in twenty years.

140 council staff have accepted the new contracts

Plymouth to begin street lighting upgrade

Plymouth City Council will begin an 18-month citywide street lighting replacement programme this week, as part of its energy and carbon saving measures.

The £8 million project, which will see nearly 29,000 street lights in the city replaced with energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) lamps, will see the Council’s energy bill reduced by over £1 million a year.

Streets in the north-west of the city will be the first to receive the new lights, which give a colour of light similar to that of moonlight. Installation will then continue in stages across the north of the city, working from west to east, before moving to the southern half of the city.

In most cases the LED units will be flatter and squarer than existing lamps but in areas with heritage lighting, care will be taken to use lamps that are similar in appearance to the existing ones.

Plymouth will be one of the first cities in the UK to replace all of its street lights with LED units, but it has been able to benefit from the experience of other councils such as Birmingham and Gateshead, which have installed them extensively.

Plymouth City Council considers 300 job cuts

Plymouth City Council considers 300 job cuts Credit: ITV News West Country

Plymouth City Council is considering making around 300 job cuts as the authority sets a 3 year budget to try to save tens of millions of pounds.

It's one of the options revealed in papers to be discussed by the council's Cabinet - which on top of recent £30 million pounds of cuts, is now looking to make another sixty four and a half million pounds of savings.

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