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VIDEO: police ask children to name puppies

children asked to name police puppies Credit: Devon & Cornwall police

Devon and Cornwall police are asking children to help name their new litter of police puppies.

Competition entrants are being asked to submit their name suggestion along with a Christmas card design - which must begin with the letter 'C'.

The winner will get to meet the puppies. and spend time with a police dog handler.

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Saved stray dog retires after 'outstanding' police career

PC Marie Poole said Griffin was a "naughty pup" when he first joined the force before his success in the passive detection squad. Credit: Stanford Photographic/PA Wire

A stray cocker spaniel who was rescued on the day he was due to be put down is retiring after a career as one of Wiltshire Police's "most successful" drug detection dogs.

Griffin, who was adopted by the force in 2008 at the age of two, has clocked up an impressive 500 detections in his five-year stint.

His catches include sniffing out a wanted man who was later found to have 450 LSD tablets hidden in his underwear and a woman holding more than £3,000 worth of drugs at a festival.

PC Marie Poole, who will adopt Griffin after a five-year partnership, said he was often happy to form a close bond with the culprits he had sniffed out.

"Being as cute as he is, he has also on a number of occasions given cuddles to people that he has caught," she said.

"Surprisingly, people he has caught have also given him a tickle and told him he's a clever dog while they are being arrested," PC Poole added.


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