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Man hunt after 'dangerous' prisoner escapes hospital

Police are hunting a "dangerous" prisoner believed to be armed with a razor blade after he escaped from hospital.

Michal Kisiel gave guards the slip at Salisbury District Hospital around 7pm on Tuesday while being treated for a head wound.

Officers are investigating whether this was a pre-planned escape.

Kisier - also know as Kisiel - escaped from hospital at 7pm on Tuesday 30 May Credit: Wiltshire Police

Kisiel - who also goes by the name Michal Kisier - is described as white, 5ft 6in tall with blonde hair and of medium build with tattoos on his neck.

He was wearing grey tracksuit bottoms and a black t-shirt with blue trainers.

If spotted, the public are advised not to approach him, and instead call 999.

He is believed to have a razor blade in his possession and is considered to be dangerous. The public are advised not to approach him for their own safety. If anyone sees a man matching the description they should call 999 immediately.

– Wiltshire Police

Extensive searches were carried out with police dogs, helicopter and drone units.

The search for Kisiel continues and we are exploring a number of leads, particularly looking at transport routes out of the City and liaison with our surrounding forces.

A key line of enquiry is the fact that this may well have been a pre-planned escape and Kisiel may have had assistance.

– Detective Inspector Mark Kent, Salisbury CID
Credit: Wiltshire Police


Wiltshire military bases on high alert after men spotted with 'rifle'

Police in Wiltshire are investigating after three people were seen with what was believed to be a rifle near an army barracks in Bulford.

Armed police and a helicopter were sent to the area shortly after 6pm on Thursday, but there has been no sighting since.

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Wiltshire Police say the area around the barracks, on Salisbury Plain, was searched but no suspects were found.

There have been no suspicious incidents since the initial phone call, and the military camp and the surrounding areas have been fully secured.

The sighting comes just hours after an alleged attempted kidnap at RAF Marham.

I can confirm at 5pm yesterday the police attended a report of a suspicious incident close to a military barracks in Wiltshire. Police officers attended and conducted a search of the area with the assistance of the police helicopter.

No persons were located.

– Inspector Barry Hickman, Wiltshire Police


Stunning picture of the moon at Stonehenge

The moon seen through Stonehenge Credit: Tim Daw

While the summer solstice may be all about the sun, the moon has been making its presence felt this year.

This stunning photo was taken at Stonehenge last night by Tim Daw of All Cannings near Devizes. It shows the nearly full moon viewed through two of the stones. The pink colour is caused by the refraction of the light through the earth's atmosphere.

The full moon should be even more spectacular tonight, the night of the Solstice, provided there's no cloud about.

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