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Still no justice for Scarlett Keeling, six years after she was killed in Goa

Scarlett Keeling was killed in Goa six years ago Credit: ITV News

It's hard to believe that the trial of two men accused of causing the death of North Devon teenager Scarlett Keeling is still going more than four years after it began at Goa's Childrens Court. To make matters even worse for her mum, Fiona MacKeown, she's had no contact from the Indian authorities to let her know how the case is progressing and when it might end.

Fiona says: "I think it's ridiculously bizarre you know my daughter was murdered in their country. You'd think that they would have some kind of duty to inform about what's happening but they don't."

Fiona MacKeown says the family are still waiting for justice Credit: ITV News

The two local men are accused of drugging and assaulting Scarlett and a version of manslaughter for leaving her on the beach, where the authorities say she then drowned. It's not just a mother's grief that refuses to accept this version of events - Fiona says the evidence proves it was murder - but the Indian police have never identified the others believed to have been there the night Scarlett died.

"I don't think it's going to be a hundred per cent satisfactory because they still use the phrase left on the beach to die when that wasn't the case. She was held face down in the water forcibly, I've seen the bruises on her body and that would be the hundred per cent satisfactory outcome to find whoever did that to her, and see them go to prison for a long time. But the men that they've got have got some involvement so I don't know, I'll have to wait, waiting is what I've done."

The Childrens Court only sits a couple of times a month and has many cases on its books so trials run side by side over many years.

"It's appalling there's very little support from the countries that it happens in, they really don't seem to care much, they seem to care how it affects the tourist industry rather than the people themselves. All the people that I've spoken to that has had somebody murdered in Goa says the same thing. The hardest thing is the way that the country has treated us, it's hard enough to lose somebody but to be treated like that is appalling."

And so the wait goes on for Scarlett's family, justice as far away as ever


Scarlett's mother says daughter was murdered

In an interview with ITV News West Country, the mother of Scarlett Keeling - the North Devon teenager killed in India - is demanding a fresh investigation into what she says was the murder of her daughter.

Sunday will be the fifth anniversary of Scarlett's death. Two men are on trial for lesser charges similar to manslaughter. But Fiona MacKeown says Scarlett was murdered on a beach in Goa and has no faith that the much-delayed trial will reach the truth.

She says a pathologist's report proved that Scarlett died after being held underwater, and did not drown merely because she had been left drugged on a beach. You can watch Seth Conway's full report on ITV News West Country at 6pm.

Scarlett Keeling's funeral finally takes place

The funeral has taken place in North Devon of a teenager who was murdered four years ago. Scarlett Keeling from Bradworthy was 15 when she was killed on a beach in India. A trial in Goa of two men charged in connection with her death has been running for more than two years.

15 year old Scarlett Keeling was murdered in Goa four years ago Credit: ITV Westcountry

Statement from Foreign Office

We understand the trial is ongoing. We cannot comment on or interfere in the proceedings.

Consular staff have been and remain in contact with Scarlett’s mother Fiona Mackeown in order to provide what consular assistance they can.

We fully understand and continue to support her wish that more than four years after Scarlett’s tragic death the perpetrators will be brought to justice as soon as possible."

– Foreign Office spokesman
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